Testimonial from Chris Brauchli

" One of the most profound lessons learned from a life in Architecture and Design was the value of thermal mass. My family moved from Alaska to Australia when I was a young teen and I was impressed by the fact that from cold to hot environments the key was living near the ocean and the stabilizing effect of all that water made both environments quite comfortable compared to going inland.

Apart from the ease and speed of construction of Clay Blocks is the remarkable combination of thermal mass with thermal insulation. Concrete blocks have thermal mass but no insulation and many products have insulation but no mass. This system is like a feather bed made of clay.

And while there are many building systems out there today, how many can offer 150 years of history and thousands of homes across Europe to prove its worth.

From Super Yachts to Tropical Island homes and High End Residential around New Zealand, Architectural Designer Chris Brauchli has wide experience. Today Chris encourages his clients to consider the clay block system as one of the most proven, sustainable and affordable homes in the world. "

Premier Approved Designer
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